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19. Desin, FL. Male. I love smoking weed and chilling with my mates. We all have a good laugh. You're more than welcome to come chill, the bowl's roasting.

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$73.50…. :|

Too much math, I lost track at like 90~ I&#8217;ve lived a full live I think. (That is if we can count one multiple times) I&#8217;d be over 150

lovely buds &lt;3


Me: This older generation pisses me off so much
Therapist: Why?
Me: Because when I was growing up, we were forcefed the idea that if we didn't want to be 'flipping burgers at McDonalds,' then we'd better go to college.
Therapist: And?
Me: And now we've all gone to college, have degrees, can't get a damn job, and the same people that told us to go to college call us entitled assholes because we refuse to flip burgers
Therapist: Touche
Needs more bacon
I love jessie&#8217;s ass so much 


Supernatural season 9 gag reel

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